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What is Egr Delete?

An Egr Delete is the act of removing the egr valve and replacing it with an egr delete plate. Many vehicles have a tube that comes from the exhaust manifold to the egr valve and that must be plugged also.

Why delete egr and other valves?

Many people will delete the egr (exhaust gas recirculation) valve on their vehicles because the engine has started to have a rough idle or starts hard. This happens because the egr valve has malfunctioned or is clogged with carbon. Replacing the egr valve can be very expensive.The purpose of the egr valve is to introduce a portion of the exhaust gasses back into the intake manifold, this is to cause lower Nox emissions. When the valve begins to malfunction for any reason the result is an engine that will not run right, therefore the engine will produce much higher emissions than it would without the valve in place. Deleting the egr system will smooth your idle when this happens. Another advantage is cleaning up the engine bay, egr systems are ugly and bulky, in some cases the egr system blocks access to critical maintenance parts. For example, the Ford Lightning. With the egr system in place it is difficult to reach some of the spark plugs. This happens in many vehicles. Loose the ugly egr and replace it with a delete kit. Ugly egr gone, great looking delete plate in it’s place. So deleting the egr valve has advantages.

Other delete plates such as fast idle valve, air boost, iac (idle air control) are often deleted for similar reasons. Many have no real advantage for performance and or emissions. Depending on the region that you live, environmental conditions​ impact performance. Idle air control for example has no benefit for people that live in warm climates and can be easily deleted with no negative effect on performance or emissions as their purpose is to alter air flow in the engine when the ambient temperature is cold.

Remember, Federal law does not permit any alteration of emission control devices on vehicles driven on the highway..

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