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Jeep Windshield Hinge Screw Set


Jeep A-Pillar Windshield Hinge Powder Coated Screw Set

6 Flat Head Screws for each side 12 Total

6 Solid Finish Washers for each side 12 Total

12 Flat washers (to fill recess where stock screws were)

36pcs Total. 24 powder coated

Upgrade from the stock windshield hinge screws to our powder coated Jeep Windshield Hinge Screw Set for a unique new look.

All A2-70 Stainless Steel, so no rust..ever!

Powder coated in your choice of colors. Guaranteed to look great and give a custom touch.

Will fit all Jeep Wranglers 2006 to 2017


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